FAQ and Tutorials

In the FAQ – questions and answers about the Audiocont app – you will find many tips and instructions. You will also find answers to known problems with the Audiocont audio player app. The operating system of Apple – iOS as well as that of Google – Android is maintained here.  You will also find important information about the administration and customer area of the web interface.

Create and edit categories

How do I create or edit categories for my media magazines and blogs at my.audiocont.com? Categories help to structure and organize the content thematically.

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1. Authorization and registration

Log in or register with your company email < Link to the login page > Make sure that you have authorization as a product manager. Menu – Products You only see the menu item Authorization if you have the authorizations as a product manager.

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3. Product editing

In the selected product, the “Edit” button opens the editing screen for the respective product. You can only change the status or the description but not the product links.

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