Dynamic learning

How can the learning content adapt to the knowledge?

Each participant in an education has his own learning pace, a different level of knowledge and therefore needs different learning content.

The trainer wants to check the learning success. He wants to know how much the participants have heard or seen and make sure that the participants understand the content.

That's why we at Audiocont have developed "Dynamic Learning".

The training content adapts to the knowledge of the participants. They are constantly informed about your success and reminded of dates. At the end of the training, each participant can obtain a certificate.

The flexibility in training and the high degree of automation is the "dynamic learning" of Audiocont. Audiocont actively accompanies trainers and participants throughout the training process. No matter where he is. at home, in the office or on the go.


Benefits for trainers

  • Learning content adapts to the state of knowledge
  • Ongoing control over success and use
  • More time for participants who need support
Person with headphones and Handy_rot

Benefits for users

  • Available offline at any time
  • Ongoing knowledge review
  • Customized content
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