Experience audio and video in new ways with
Audiocont's apps

What makes the app so special?

The app from Audiocont makes it possible for the first time to break up the linearity of audio and video. Entire films or audio books can now be broken down into Audiocont's unique micro-media and then reassembled according to the user's needs.

The media player in the Audiocont app provides 100% customized entertainment, information and training.

The technology, for which a patent has been filed, makes it possible for the first time to cover all needs with one Content. The app acts like a personal coachhere:

  • It informswhen new content is available
  • It provides exactly the content that
    is really needed
  • It saves time
  • It checks that the content has been understood

The library provides an overview of all the information that has been provided. The latest information is also correspondingly prominently positioned.

The playlistknows what is important to the user and displays the individual articles in the appropriate order. So the user always gets the most important and most interesting content first.

The player, the heart of the patent-pending technology, allows the content to be adapted to different needs while listening. On the one hand, this saves time and on the other, the listener receives all the information he needs.

With a single click on the Memo button, the complete article content is immediately sent to the user via email. Of course, the memo may also contain further information or additional links.


The app from Audiocont -
audios and videos can be so flexible.

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