Addition to the terms and conditions for freelance podcast producers

Legal supplements for free podcast producers (free publishers):

For free publishers, the GTC and the following additional terms of use apply:
Free publishers must truthfully disclose their real identities to Audiocont. False statements are punishable by law. The functionality of Audiocont is limited to free publishers.
Audiocont does not guarantee Free Publishers a guaranteed period of time to use its services. Audiocont reserves the right to discontinue the free use without giving reasons within 30 working days. Free publishers can download their content from the Audiocont servers within these 30 days before it is deleted. Content from free publishers will be deleted or, if offered, can be migrated to a paid service from Audiocont.

When publishing content on Audiocont, the following must be considered:

Publishers are only allowed to upload videos that they have produced themselves. Publishers are responsible for all content they publish, without exception, and require the appropriate rights to publish. This applies to all elements of audio and video. Publishers, therefore, require a so-called usage permit for the published content.
All persons appearing in a video must agree to the publication and make this known in a written declaration of consent.
Publishers at Audiocont are prohibited from intentionally publishing verifiable false reports, or so-called fake news.
Hinweis: Nur weil Publisher mit ihrem Smartphone etwas gefilmt haben, sind Pubisher nicht automatisch die Inhaber der Rechte (BSP.: Video eins Konzerts)

It is prohibited and may result in penalties if content:

• Cause harm to others
• Involvement in abuse or violence, cruel depictions, or deceptive/misleading practices that result in real harm are depicted.

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