4. Product link and voucher link

Video Tutorial – Distributing Products and Creating Vouchers

Privacy notice: By pressing the “PLay Button” you will be redirected to YouTube. The Youtube! privacy policy applies there.

A) Product link

Copy the product link and send it to your customers. By clicking on the product link, all content is automatically uploaded to the devices of your users. With the Firebase-Link the user is automatically prompted to install the app. Note: The product link can be blocked. If the product link is blocked, you can only distribute your product via voucher.


Anyone holding the open product link in their hands can forward it and receive all media. You also receive only flat-rate AUswertungen because no differentiation can be made as with the vouchers.

B) Voucher link

If the product link is protected or you want more control over the distribution of products, create vouchers and distribute the voucher links. You determine how many links you want and how often each link may be used! Select “Create coupons” and copy the displayed “link list”. Each voucher link can be evaluated separately and you receive meaningful evaluations.

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