With the Manager-Tool from Audiocont you send your employees an high personal audio message – with just one click. Give your vision or the success of your employees or the perfect stage. The more people hear a praise , the more valuable it becomes. But this is only a small part of the many possibilities of the Audiocont Manager tool.

You receive the full range of passive interaction data: How many employees have heard your message? How long? In which section did you lose your handset? It has never been easier to find out what moves your employees. Without even spying on a receiver.

You can also enable active interaction. Through surveys, ratings, quizzes and more.

Audiocont – The best way of corporate communication.

„I wanted people to feel more comfortable with us, so I suggested we upgrade the cafeteria. Everybody loved it at the meeting. About Audiocont I then presented concrete ideas and noticed that nobody listened. So I inserted a quick poll. See, it was much more important to people that we get a really good coffee machine. „In the end, we made more people happy with less money.“

Wilhelm K.



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