With the HR-Toolbox from Audiocont it has never been easier to inform and train employees. From quick memos to extensive training, from simple listening pleasure to legally compliant logging – Audiocont is the perfect HR tool.

Our suggestion: Give your employees time. From now on, they no longer have to decode difficult-to-understand content on the PC. Instead, they enjoy the pure understanding of the audio media. Without a permanent job whenever they want.


In the car, while walking or while eating – Audiocont makes your information „easily digestible“.

You are legally obliged to log the transfer of knowledge to your employees?

Audiocont’s reporting tool does this for you automatically – Transparent and with individual accuracy.

Optional in-app certification also gives you direct feedback on your employees‘ learning success.

Tip: Spoken content is remembered up to 100% better if it is optimized for listening. Use the full potential of audio media. Our implementation partners will be happy to advise you.

„Audiocont takes a lot of work off my hands. In fact, I wouldn’t know how I would comply with the certification obligation without the reporting. Besides, our people like the app. „This gives them more flexibility.“

Sandrina S.

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