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You can find all of your media in the library.
There is audio, video media and exams

Generally #

You can find all of your media in the library.
Each line corresponds to a magazine or media blog

  • A magazine is a collection of issues
  • An edition is a collection of articles and is a closed medium or remains unchanged.
  • New articles are constantly being added to the blog .
  • An article contains audios, videos or exams that can be played!

Media structure-blog-general-in the CMS of Audiocont

Organisation und Übersicht #

Grau hinterlegte Zeilen für eine gute Übersicht

Die erste Zeile in der Bibliothek ist grau hinterlegt und zeigt die zuletzt gehörten Ausgaben an.

Die zweite Zeile ist auch grau hinterlegt und zeigt alle Neuen Ausgaben, die Ihrem Konto hinzugefügt wurden.

Bibliothek - Hilfe Organisation grau hinterlegte Zeilen

Magazines and issues #

All other lines with a white background correspond to a magazine.

The magazine name is the title of the line.

The images in a magazine line correspond to the issues of the magazine .
Example: Issue January, February … or issue on topic 1 and issues on topic 2.

Magazine area and issues

Open the output and playlist #

Click on the issue name in the lower area of the issue image.
The playlist opens.
Start media output

Play the entire issue #

The output image appears again at the beginning of the playlist.
Press the play button in the left corner of the output image .
All articles in the issue are played

Play the entire issue

Play a specific article #

Click on the play button in the lower left corner of the article image

The selected article and all subsequent articles are played.

Play a specific article

Player A navigation button #

The two important navigation and setting areas of the articles are located under the article picture.
Navigation button

All important navigation buttons are located under the item image. Let’s take a quick look at the features:

  • Play (with the button on the right and left next to the play button)
  • Jump forwards or backwards 15 sec
  • Skip to the next chapter of the same article
  • Skip to the next article
Player controls navigation

Player B- control of the types of chapters #

The settings for the dynamic content are located under the navigation button. Determine what type of chapter is played to you automatically.

B1 Switching the chapter types on / off

Click on the button with above or below the progress bar on the left

+ Additional info ” or
+ Explanation

Turn on and off chapter types
Automatic insertion of the chapter types

Now the additional information is inserted in the right places or hidden again.

Insert chapter types

B1 – Apply to all articles in category #

Apply chapter type settings to all articles within a topic category.

By default, these settings are applied to all articles in this topic category.

Apply chapter types to all articles in category

B2 – Limit to current article only #

If you only want to apply the chapter type setting to the current article,

so select the lower radio button labeled “use item setting”. All other articles in this category do not adopt the current dynamic content settings.

Apply to current article only

Smart rating and voting #

In the top right of the player or in the playlist next to the article title

Article rating by clicking on the rating symbol

Reviews and votes
Evaluation window and comments

A pop-up window opens with the evaluation and comment options.

The overall rating can be submitted independently of the individual ratings.

Close the rating window with the “X” in the left corner.

Window - rating and comments

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